Motion's Event Series Brings the Tech World Together with 2021 Timmys

Motion's Event Series Brings the Tech World Together with 2021 Timmys

Tech in Motion, the North American event series founded by Motion Recruitment, is once again hosting the Timmy Awards this October, bringing together the very best in the tech world for a virtual celebration. In its 7th year, the Timmy Awards has grown into a premier event inside the tech industry for showcasing how companies took on and conquered new challenges; in 2021, Motion is proud to be a part of honoring people and companies that have gone above and beyond in creating the best places for technical professionals to work during one of the most unique landscapes in recent memory.

After the roaring success of last year’s event, the 2021 Timmys will be a virtual affair for the second time, streaming live on YouTube, then available to watch on-demand afterward. 

“Across North America, we continue to see many rising to the continued challenges of 2021," said Matt Milano, President of Motion Recruitment. “The Timmy Awards gives an opportunity for everyone inside the tech industry to unite and salute growth and innovation from the past year and beyond. It is an absolute honor for Motion to be a creator of the Timmy Awards, and I look forward to seeing the 2021 nominees.”

See the 2020 Timmy Awards on YouTube here.

Timmy Awards Overview

In 2011, the Motion Recruitment network of companies created Tech in Motion Events, bringing local tech communities together to share ideas and inspire one another. For 10 years, Tech in Motion has been dedicated to recognizing tech leaders and companies with an unwavering commitment to flourishing in an ever-changing industry. In 2015, Tech in Motion launched the Timmy Awards, an annual ceremony recognizing the best places for tech professionals to work.

Committed to the mission of celebrating authenticity and differences in their employees and fostering inclusive workplaces, a key component to this year’s Timmy Award for Best Tech Work Culture will be companies that promote and establish equality, inclusion and diversity

Recurring in 2021:  

  • The Timmy Awards Virtual Ceremony This year’s digital experience will announce our national winners with a variety of incredible guest speakers and entertainment. Last year over 200 finalists, 60 regional winners & 6 national prizewinners were honored, and we are thrilled to be creating a place where tech leaders can come together, no matter where they are in the world.
  • 5 Unique Award Categories This year’s Timmy Awards lineup includes Best Tech Startup, Manager, Work Culture (Small – Medium Size Employer)/Work Culture (Large Employer), Enterprise Employer, & Tech for Good. To ensure equity and more opportunities for recognition, winners for Best Tech Work Culture will be recognized based on company size: Small – Medium Size Employers (50-250 Employees) and Large Employers (250-999 Employees). For more details on each category click here.
  • Opportunities for Local & National Recognition Finalists will compete for the Regional Community Favorite Award in their respective category and city. The winners of these categories will be voted on decided by you, the local tech community. Regional Community Favorites winners will then be considered for the North American Timmy Award, which will be selected by our expert panel of judges. This year’s panel will evaluate and score all Community Favorites based on answers provided in their nomination. Companies and Managers with the highest average score will then become Timmy Awards recipients. For more on the process and award criteria, visit the Timmy Awards website.
  • Expert Judges from the Tech Industry Last year we were honored to have 20+ impressive judges from different sectors inside the tech industry. Last year’s panel included Engineering Directors from Google, Oracle, PayPal, Slack, Salesforce, and more. This year we have another outstanding panel of judges, including:
    • Anita Jindal: Senior Director of Engineering at VMware
    • Adam Cheyer: Co-Founder of Siri and Viv Labs
    • Bruce Wang: Engineering Director at Netflix
    • Crystal Gaskin: Talent, Culture & Inclusion at Mailchimp
    • Freddy Rivera: Senior Program Manager, Diversity Programs at Oracle
    • Kapil Agarwal: Engineering Director at Salesforce
    • Nirmal Srivivasan: Senior Engineering Director at Paypal

    Plus many more to be announced. Make sure to follow Tech in Motion's social media pages for the latest Timmys announcements.

Nominations are currently open for the 2021 Timmy Awards. If you know a company or manager that you think deserves recognition, visit Tech in Motion’s Timmy Awards website for details on all awards categories and how to complete a nomination form. Nominations close on Wednesday, September 8th so be sure to complete your submission prior to the deadline.

Submit your nomination for the 2021 Timmy Awards.

Any Motion Recruitment clients or candidates that wish to nominate their company or tech manager, please reach out to your local recruiting contact for details.

As the challenges and triumphs of 2021 come into focus, the Timmy Awards are a time where the entire tech industry can come together and celebrate the year that was. Motion Recruitment is proud to be a part of one of the most important nights in tech, and we are so excited for an evening dedicated to recognizing the very best in tech startups, managers, and employers across North America!

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