The 3 Latest UI/UX Trends and Highest Paying Jobs in the Market

The 3 Latest UI/UX Trends and Highest Paying Jobs in the Market

In today’s tech work, the importance of staying on top of UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) trends can not be overstated. Any public-facing aspect of a business will be scrutinized, with 75% of consumers surveyed saying that they judge a brand’s credibility based on the quality of its website design.

However, even with the importance of UI/UX roles, job openings have remained flat at the start of 2024, and are well below the high point of available jobs that happened in 2022. The best example of this is in open UX Researcher positions, which had 335 open roles in January 2024, while having almost 3,000 open roles in February 2022.


While opportunities remain low, it does appear that unemployment is staying low as well, with the overall tech unemployment rate staying below 3% in 2024, and recent economic reports saying that the overall firing rate in the US has dropped over the past year, with March 2024 having layoffs and discharges at 1 percent. This shows that while there are fewer people are losing their jobs, those who are unfortunately let go are having a hard time finding a new job.

What does this mean for the UI/UX industry? For hiring managers, there can’t be an assumption that it will be easy to find top talent. For those working in the UI/UX industry, looking to find new skills and adapt to what companies are looking for will be key to growing your career or finding a new position.

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Biggest Trends in UI/UX

1. A Shift to Research

User-centric research will be an increased focus for hiring managers, as this type of worker can empower design teams to make the best possible decisions the first time through. 

By testing prototypes and gathering feedback early and often, UX workers with a research background will become more valuable as they can identify potential pitfalls and opportunities for improvement before they escalate into costly mistakes. This proactive approach not only saves time and resources but also ensures that the final product meets user expectations. 

By gaining a deep understanding of user needs, preferences, and pain points, UX researchers provide designers and developers with insights that guide the creation of intuitive experiences that help drive revenue. 

2. Artificial Intelligence Changes How UI/UX Work Gets Done

As with everything in tech and beyond, Artificial Intelligence has been the biggest topic of discussion in the UI/UX space. In fact, some are predicting that UI/UX will be one of the biggest sectors hit by the continual advancements and adoption of AI. Already making an impact in the space, a report by McKinsey states that the top uses for generative AI in product and service development are identifying trends in customer needs, drafting technical documents, and creating new product designs.

Like many other sectors, currently, AI can be best used as a complement to help productivity in workers, not to replace them. Tools like Uizard, Neurons, Attention Insight, and others are applications that could help UI designers create content more efficiently.

3. The Importance of Getting an Emotional Reaction from the User

For a successful UI/UX project, emotional design is becoming a priority. In many spaces, consumers are looking beyond just having a transactional experience with a company, but rather having a meaningful connection and being invested in the businesses they spend their money with.

Incorporating research trends and analyzing customer profiles, a UI/UX design team can create an all-encompassing user experience from aesthetics that create the right “vibe” that the company wants to convey, create a narrative about the company that encourages users to become brand loyal, all while creating a site that easy and simple to use, allowing the user to focus on the company and their product.

The Highest Paying UI/UX Jobs

Top UI/UX Jobs with the Highest Salary (Senior Level)

1. Product Designer: $136,332 - $169,144

2. UI/UX Designer: $115,789 - $141,583

Top UI/UX Jobs with the Highest Salary (Mid-Level)

1. Product Designer: $120,972 - $150,416

2. UI/UX Designer: $99,375 - $123,750

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