Top Tech Recruiting Agencies Are Worth Retaining in 2020

Top Tech Recruiting Agencies Are Worth Retaining in 2020

Clients lose money and production time searching for a quality candidate when they need to fill urgent roles. The average time to find a medium quality candidate is 45 days while very good candidates is 65 to 90 days, while agencies can find a candidate from 6 to 21 days depending on level.  According to TalentNow, 42% of employers are worried they aren’t going to be able to find the talent they need and approximately 72.8% are struggling to find relevant candidates. When you finally make the move to choose a tech employment agency to source those qualified candidates for you, it can be equally difficult to find a high-quality recruiting firm that suits your needs and fulfills your expectations. Read on to discover what makes a top recruiting agency and the qualities they possess that elevate them above the competition. 

What Makes a Top Tech Recruiting Agency?

Finding trustworthy and dependable recruiting firms that listen to your business needs and deliver timely results are hard to find in any industry. When sifting through your options, you first must ask yourself: What makes a top recruiting agency

Localized Market Expertise and Highly Specialized Teams

The most essential need in the tech industry is to have recruiters with a knowledge of the local tech market and a deep understanding of specific technologies. Having small teams that are focused solely on a specific technology and market allows them to deliver faster and higher quality results. The top tech agencies utilize digital advertising, social media, advanced data mining, and localized networking as an innovative means of sourcing. 

Proven Track Record and Positive Employer Branding

Before you make any decision, evaluate the reputation of the agency in question. Choose an established, highly-rated company with candidate and client testimonials to back it up. Knowing the history can help you decide whether they are the right agency to represent your brand and trusted by your peers.

  • Five Star Social Rating
  • Positive NPS Score and Referral Rate

Variety of Services

A strong firm will have the breadth to assist enterprise and retail clients to fill contract, full time, and contract-to-hire positions. The best firms will offer you a range of services to place every type of position you require. They can be employed for a single placement or a batch of hires and depending on the agreement, can provide a guarantee of service and quality.


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Exponential Growth

When gauging the quality and success of any company, you need to look back on their history and their growth. A sign of a reputable firm is the rate at which they are developing. Are they expanding their teams, offices, and geographical reach? Are they acquiring other companies? What is the company culture and values? What is stimulating them to be able to grow? All of these factors are indicators of the quality of services you will get when going into business with a merited tech recruiting firm


Transparency is key between your company, the recruiting firm, and the candidates. A fluid back and forth provides a healthy flow of communication so that everyone is on the same page about the role requirements and technology needs. A good tech recruiter asks the hiring manager and the candidate plenty of questions so they know what best suits both parties. On the other hand, the client company needs to give and receive feedback to let the recruiting firm get a better understanding of their needs. 


Quality of Hire

A good agency dedicates time to understand your business’s needs and position requirements beyond what is stated on the job description. They ask questions about the company culture, day-to-day responsibilities, team collaboration, projects, and hot buttons that best fits the perfect candidate for you. With that information in mind, they conduct thorough in-person pre-screen interviews to gauge the candidate’s experience and knowledge of the technology needed. Establishing the needs of the candidate ensures no time wasted interviewing someone is under-qualified or not likely to accept an offer. 


A top tech recruiting agency acts as a trustworthy and dependable business partner delivering you the results you need without exhausting your own time and resources. Partnering with a recruiting firm ensures the same speed and quality you should expect from a contingency-based partnership but takes the level of consultancy one step further. Next time you are searching for a technical recruiting agency to help you fill roles, make sure they check off every box of these top qualities. 

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